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Web development

Creating dynamic websites with embedded e-commerce engine using the technology of today.


Through the many years of experience in web development we have overcome many challenges; some of which were present in one of our most recent projects:

  • Lack of visual engagement
  • Missing booking platform
  • Poor user experience and clarity in the navigation of the website
  • Unresponsive design (can’t work on mobile devices as well as Desktop)


Our solutions are flexible and can adapt to the complexity of the web requirements of our customers; thanks to our platform we can implement agile solutions:

  • Personalised designed following strict marketing guidelines
  • Agile development on the back of our robust web platform
  • Defined and clear user interface
  • Responssive design (work on mobile and desktop)

App development

Business to business apps to improve interaction with customers.


To make the most of applications developed for businesses is important to keep in mind the following:

  • Native development over cross platform
  • Deep integration to devices with low level programming language
  • Simple and clear user interface


The Skyfox digital platform enables agile development to create high performance applications with a robust architecture fit for businesses.

  • Cross platform applications without compromising functionality and features of native applications
  • Ready to integrate with other solutions thanks to the Skyfox Digital development platform and well structured and documented API

Internet of things

Connect devices with businesses and people.


Create a live connection between business processes and devices to improve productivity and performance.

  • Consolidate connection of multiple devices form the same interface
  • Online live communication with devices to facilitate their management
  • Deep integration with multiple devices


Simple connection and interaction with devices is not enough to deliver business IOT solutions. As a result we have developed our own platform supported by Amazon Web services and enhance with out own architecture.

  • Secured cloud based platform for identification and registration of devices
  • Highly configurable dashboard to managed devices
  • Elastic interface for different type of smart devices
  • Friendly interface to onboard device and interact with them

Artificial Intelligence

Our own Skyfox Digital product to classify product’s data across brands and industries.


Accurate product data across retailers, suppliers and merchants is very difficult to obtain and even more difficult to consolidate and utilised.

  • The nature of the current practices for product distribution drives the corruption of product data
  • Tracking of product data is not consolidated in one single system
  • Reporting of data without standard practices is an impossible practice
  • As a result the forecasting of production is out of date from the moment the data is collected


Combining our extensive years of experience in solutions to process products across the supply chai, machine learning and IOT; the Skyfox Digital platform is capable to collect data from any point of sale, normalise it and create accurate reporting of it.

  • Creation of a single source of Product Data
  • Through AI the cataloging and classification of products will be uniform and standard
  • Sales across the sales’ food chain will be precise and correspondent analytics can the be apply to generate more precise forecasting of sales
  • An iOT device that is integration free and painless for the end user to be installed at their premisses so it can then collect product’s sales data

Virtual Reality

Gaming experience out of this world


Virtual reality can be difficult to implement on a business environment and its complexity can create financial barriers for its development.

  • Lack of engagement
  • Poor design and complex logic
  • Long lead time for its development


  • Agile development using the Skyfox cloud for multiplayer server and game engine
  • Consultancy from senior game designers and 3D artist to develop the game’s logic and content
  • 3D modeling
  • Cross platform development to make the game future proof and agnostics to HW platforms.

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